Here Be The Start Of It All


This documentation refers to an outdated SpongeAPI version and is no longer actively maintained. While the code examples still work for that API version, the policies, guidelines, and some links may have changed. Please refer to the latest version of the documentation for those.

What Be This Sponge Thing?

This here Sponge be for the purpose o’ creating a free-floating island of plugin development over the ocean called Minecraft. She be made by odd crews from all o’er the seven seas and beyond - by rights, anyone can sail in and build on her.

Ye Sponge was built after witnessing the sinking of other vessels in the Minecraft harbours, and we ain’t lookin’ to make the same mistakes, so:

  • Sponge be an extremely open port.

  • Sponge be having the MIT license - what be a very flexible open-sea guideline.

  • Performance at sea be of high priority.

Most vessels made using SpongeAPI shipyards should be fine to sail across many different Minecraft seas without needing to change her sails. So your sea-captains need not worry about niggling little quibbles like “incompatibility”, arrrr.

There be two more projects lurkin’ in the SpongeAPI shipyards:

  1. SpongeForge, she be a coremod for the famed Minecraft Forge, what be an existing shipyard for Minecraft, well known to seasoned pirates. But she lacks a cross-ocean API, and ye Sponge fills this gap. Sponge be letting server captains to deploy their plugins right easy like, leaving more time for important drinkin’.

  2. SpongeVanilla be the stand-alone vessel o’ the Sponge fleet, to hell with Forge, it be sailing alone upon the seas of Minecraft. (She was birthed as Granite, but she docked in Sponge’s ports and we commandeered her, and her crew).

Sailors plying the seas in Sponge or SpongeVanilla vessels need not carry any special client-sidearms. Ye shall be able to join the crew of a Sponge ship bearing only the vanilla client weapons provided by Mojang’s pirates o’ Minecraft.

The Sponge API be running free and wild, untied to any builder’s scaffold. Thus, ye captains may run yer missions using any solid shipwright’s services what advertises yon SpongeAPI, arr. All the fancy parts and fittings will fit just right on either, on accounting of the magical mixins what knits it all together.

Where Be the Sponge Shipyard?

Them beaten-up development builds of SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla can be salvaged hereabouts: Sponge Downloads

Who Be the Powers Behind This Sponge Crew?

Dread sea captains of legend, Bloodbeard, Gabizoubeard, and Zidanebeard be the ultimate powers on the sea o’ Sponge. They say they be open with the team, so as not to be holdin’ all the keys to the booty chests, but ye never knows with beards like those… They still be makin’ all final decisions and keelhauling the laggards, to be sure of efficient piratical operations.

Ye full list o’ crew be nailed to the mast at Staff.

This crew be well-familiar with Java, and many have years o’ experience as sailors-of-fortune on the seas o’ Minecraft, cunning sea-dogs what be knowing the tricks of the trade. There be a great many crew members at work on the Sponge shipyards, so many we lose track of the names, and beyond our basic countin’ skills. Here’s a toast of rum to them!