Letter of Marque


This documentation refers to an outdated SpongeAPI version and is no longer actively maintained. While the code examples still work for that API version, the policies, guidelines, and some links may have changed. Please refer to the latest version of the documentation for those.

All ye fancy Spongethings, yon SpongeForge, SpongeVanilla, SpongeCommon and the Sponge API, be licensed under the MIT (Map Interred Treasure) license. There be no contributor license agreement, so give us what ye got, sailor. We lets ye take SpongeForge and ship her out in any old pack o’ thieves and cut-throats.

This here Rum be fine strong, drink up while it lasts ye swabs. Now, that MIT Letter o’ Marque be a mighty flexible thing, and so there ain’t much that a scallywag can’t do with Sponge. But damn rights keep them headers for copy rights, or they’ll gnaw yer fingers off before they throws ye to the sharks, ye scurvy dogs.

There be a sniff o’ gold in Sponge’s gettin’ a MIT Letter of Marque, just be looking what happened to the other vessels on this here sea plying similar trades as us. A sailor can have some peace o’ mind knowing ye can pillage with impunity. Ye canst pore over the fine details yerself at the Pirate port of http://choosealicense.com/licenses/mit/.