Keelhauling Bugs

If ye comes across a beastly bug, and the fight comes to a standstill, then this be the place fer you. We be receivin’ all reports o’ the bug war at the issue trackers in the GitHub public alehouse, and by rantin’ on the forums.

When there be troubles with the SpongeForge vessel, tell the harbour staff at the SpongeForge issue tracker. Do likewise if SpongeVanilla be ailing, but at the (SpongeVanilla issue tracker), and tell us tall tales at the hoary old Docs (SpongeDocs issue tracker).

Whenever you report a bug, please include the following:

  • Sponge version used (SpongeForge or SpongeVanilla build number)

  • Forge version (if applicable)

  • any other mods or plugins installed including their versions

  • your Log Files

  • please use a service like GitHubs gist to provide logs, don’t paste them into the post directly

  • your crash report (optional, not necessarily created)

Please make sure you already read through our Debugging, Ye Be Looking For Trouble and Log Files sections. If the problem still persists, then file a bug report.

Here’s a short example, you may copy and use it when opening a ticket on GitHub. Note that this is just a suggestion, its usage is optional and you may modify it to suit your needs:

Build number: #buildnumber here#
Forge version: #Forgeversion here#

Log files: #link to pastebin here#
Crash report: #link to pastebin here#


#short description of the bug you found here#