What t’ Sponge project be


This documentation refers to an outdated SpongeAPI version and is no longer actively maintained. While the code examples still work for that API version, the policies, guidelines, and some links may have changed. Please refer to the latest version of the documentation for those.

The hoary stories in this scribbling be to tell ye of what the Sponge project be for, and what it’s supposed to do. Being a bit like a long fancy handshake and chinwag. Below be yon Guidelines for the many ways of speakin’ Sponge on it’s channels on Forums, IRC, subreddit and down-the-pub, plus some fancy words fer yer edification.

If ye don’t read t’ pages, Spongie will make ye scrub the poopdeck. Don’t make Spongie make ye scrub the poopdeck!

What be Here