Mod Compatibility

AKA: “Why does the server crash when I add SpongeForge?”

SpongeForge tries to maintain compatiblity with as many mods as possible. However, the enormous breadth of possibilities available to mod developers can make this goal very difficult. Some mods simply will not work with SpongeForge present, others need configuration settings or alternative versions to be compatible, and many simply need to initialise after SpongeForge to work correctly. Sometimes there will be a diagnostic message in the server log telling you what broke, but often it can be very hard to tell what went wrong.

To help you resolve which is which, and how to fix the problem (if possible), we have prepared this list of mods that can cause problems when used alongside SpongeForge. Please note that, whilst we will try to keep it current, changes may happen as mods are updated. You can help by letting us know when relevant changes happen, on Discord or GitHub.

Known Incompatibilities

Old Mixins

First, a general note: If there is a warning about “old mixins” in the server log, the first step you should attempt is to rename the SpongeForge file, to make it first in the mod loading order. This can usually be done by prefixing the SpongeForge jar file name with aaa_, giving a filename like aaa_spongeforge-1.12.2-2838-7.2.1-RC4011. This makes it load the Sponge version of Mixin first, and can resolve many problems in one step.


  • Dependents: Streams mod

  • Versions: 2.3, 2.4

  • Problem: Crash on startup / Failed world generation

  • Solution: Update to version 2.5.


  • Versions: Up to 0.10.7

  • Problem: Crash on startup (block collision error)

  • Solution: Update to version 0.10.8 or newer, or change these two configuration options: optimizedBlockPos=false and patchChunkSerialization=false

  • Newer versions of FoamFix (0.10.8+) automatically correct this when SpongeForge is present.


  • Versions: Up to 12.3.82

  • Problem: Crash on startup (mixin NoSuchMethodError)

  • Solution: Update to 12.3.83 or newer.

  • Newer versions of ForgeEssentials have updated their Mixin usage to version 0.8.

Hammer Core

  • Dependents: Many

  • Versions:

  • Problem: Crash on startup. Typically, the following error message is returned:

org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.throwables.InjectionError: Critical injection failure: Redirector onUpdateTileEntities(Lnet/minecraft/util/ITickable;)V in mixins.common.core.json:world.WorldMixin failed injection check, (0/1) succeeded. Scanned 1 target(s). Using refmap mixins.common.refmap.json
  • Solution: Change <entry key="World.ITickable.Override">true</entry> to false in the /asm/hammercore.xml file

ICBM Classic

  • Versions: All

  • Problem: Missiles stop in midair and appear to lag in place.

  • Solution: Add the commented text below to the entity-activation-range/mods section of the sponge/global.conf file:

entity-activation-range {
    mods {
        # COPY THIS - START
        icbmclassic {
            defaults {
            # If 'false', entity activation rules for this mod will be ignored and always tick.
            entities {
        # COPY THIS - END

Just Enough IDs (JEID)

  • Versions: Up to 1.0.3-48

  • Problem: Crash on startup (mixin conflict).

  • Solution: Update to version 1.0.3-54 or newer.


  • Versions: All

  • Problem: Crash on startup (mixin conflict).

  • Solution: Update to Spongeforge 7.2.0 or newer.


  • Versions: All (so far)

  • Problem: Crash on startup

  • Solution: Change B:useconfigs=false to true in the config/mystcraft/core.cfg file

Open Terrain Generator (OTG)

  • Dependencies: OTGcore

  • Versions: All (so far)

  • Problem: Crash on startup / Multiworld Wgen problems

  • Solution: Pre-generate world without SpongeForge, then remove OTG and add SpongeForge.


  • Versions: Up to 0.2.4

  • Problem (1): Crash on startup

  • Solution: Update to version 0.2.5 or newer, which is compatible with Sponge RC3844.

  • Problem (2): Poor graphic performance

  • Solution: Set the optimisation async-lighting to false in the Sponge global.conf file.

There may be many more, please help us keep this list maintained by contributing to the SpongeDocs on GitHub! The Debugging page may also be of help if your issue is not one of those mentioned above.