Reporting Bugs

If you’ve encountered a bug and you’re unsure on how to report it, this is the page to look at. We’re currently handling all bug reports through our issue trackers on GitHub.

If there is something wrong with the API or a feature missing you would like to see for developing plugins, please report it on the SpongeAPI issue tracker.

If there is something wrong with the server and you think the issue is Sponge related, report it on the Sponge issue tracker.

If you have an issue with the docs themselves, you can report it on the SpongeDocs issue tracker.

Before submitting an issue please make sure you have already read through our Debugging, Troubleshooting and Log Files sections. If the problem still persists, then file a bug report, utilizing the issue template provided by GitHub when you click the New Issue button and fill out everything applicable. If the project lacks an issue template, please make sure to include as much relevant information as possible.