Ore sitt web-API

Ore offers a JSON RESTful API to interact with mods and plugins indexed by Ore. The following is an ongoing specification of that API.

Data Types

There are a few integer-based enum-style data types that are used throughout the API. The following is a list of these current types.

Category IDs:

0 Administrator Tools
1 Chat Tools
2 Developer Tools
3 Economy
4 Gameplay
5 Games
6 Protection
7 Role Playing
8 World Management
9 Miscellaneous
10 Undefined

Sorting Method IDs:

0 Most stars
1 Most downloads
2 Most views
3 Newest
4 Recently updated

Deprecated Routes

The following routes are deprecated and should not be used. The replacements are likely to differ from the old one, so consult the docs before migrating.

Deprecated Replacement
/api/projects /api/v1/projects
/api/users /api/v1/users
/api/projects/:pluginId/version /api/v1/projects/:pluginId/version
/api/projects/:pluginId/versions/:version /api/v1/projects/:pluginId/versions/:version
/api/projects/:pluginId /api/v1/projects/:pluginId
/api/users/:username /api/v1/users/:username
/api/projects/:pluginId/versions/:name /api/v1/projects/:pluginId/versions/:name