Managing Permissions

You can configure who has access to what if you are running a server by making use of permissions. Specific permissions for Sponge, Forge and Minecraft commands are shown on the Commands page.

Operator Level

Minecraft comes with a simple way to give permissions: by setting users as operator (or «op» for short). General information on op status can be found at

The abilities of op permission may be adjusted by altering the op-permission-level setting in the file.

A list of native Minecraft server commands available to players with op can be found at the Minecraft Wiki.


Minecraft does not have any fine-grained permissions capacity, only op. This is a very high level of permission and should be reserved for trusted players. More complicated permission setups require the use of a permissions plugin or mod. Sponge is not a permissions-management plugin.


Some plugins and mods may also grant specific permissions to ops.