Below is a list of staff members of the Sponge project. Each section is presented alphabetically.

Sponge Leaders

The Sponge Leaders are the stewards of the Sponge project, and make the final decisions to ensure the project operates efficiently.

Name Role
blood Implementation (Forge) Leader
gabizou API Design Specialist & Leader
Zidane API/Implementation (Vanilla) Leader

Project Managers

The Project Managers of Sponge each coordinate a separate aspect of the Sponge project.

Name Role

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Grinch Ore Community Manager
Inscrutable SpongeDocs Chief Editor
kashike Discord Manager
katrix Ore Development Manager
lukegb Systems Team Manager
Me4502 Subreddit Manager

Forum & Community Manager

Website Manager

phroa IRC Manager

API and Implementation Developers

The API and Implementation Developers work on producing SpongeAPI, and the two official implementations SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla.

Name Role
Aaron1011 Developer
Cybermaxke Developer
dualspiral Developer
Faithcaio Developer
JBYoshi Developer
kashike Developer
Luck Developer
Me4502 Developer
Minecrell Developer
Morpheus Developer

Bytecode Engineer


simon816 Developer

System Administrators

The System Administrators are responsible for the maintenance and reliable operation of our various systems and servers.

Name Role
kashike System Administrator
progwml6 System Administrator
Snowie System Administrator

Issue Managers

The Issue Managers help classify and test issues that are reported on the GitHub repositories for SpongeAPI, SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla.

Name Role
phit Issue Manager

Ore Developers

The Ore Developers work on producing, enhancing, and fixing the Ore plugin distribution platform.

Name Role
ewoutvs_ Ore Developer
felixoi Ore Developer

Web Developers

Our Web Developers maintain, update and integrate the Sponge website.

Name Role
progwml6 Web Developer

SpongeDocs Editors

The SpongeDocs Editors write, edit, and maintain articles for Sponge’s official documentation.

Name Role
Grauldon Editor
Nari Editor
ST-DDT Editor
worm424 Editor

Moderators and Support

Moderators and members of the Support Team patrol the forums and IRC channels, and help when needed.

Name Role
gravityfox Moderator
Grinch Moderator
Lemonous Moderator
mbaxter Moderator
Nari Moderator
Ralex Moderator
ryantheleach Moderator
Vectrix Moderator
worm424 Moderator

Ore Reviewers

The Ore Review staff have the task of assessing plugins uploaded to Ore to make sure they are compliant and safe.

Name Role
doot Ore Reviewer
Eufranio Ore Reviewer
ewoutvs_ Ore Reviewer
kashike Ore Reviewer
katrix Ore Reviewer
liach Ore Reviewer
loki Ore Reviewer
mosemister Ore Reviewer
phroa Ore Reviewer
RedNesto Ore Reviewer
simon816 Ore Reviewer
Snowie Ore Reviewer
WillBAnders Ore Reviewer
Yeregorix Ore Reviewer

Retired Staff

These people have assisted with the Sponge project in various ways, but are no longer actively involved. This list is here to thank them and acknowledge their valuable contributions.

Name Former Role
AzureusNation Developer
Boformer Editor
Cedeel Editor
Dark_Arc Developer
DarkArcana Community and IRC Manager
DDoS Developer
Deamon Developer
Disconsented Moderator
drtshock Moderator
FerusGrim Moderator
GenPage Systems Management
gratimax Web Manager and Developer
Hassans6000 Moderator
hawtre Editor
jamierocks Web Developer
jckf Developer
kitsub Developer
kobata Developer
Kodfod Docs Chief Editor
Kornagan Developer
modwizcode Developer
Pandette Editor
parlough Developer
phase Ore Development Manager
Saladoc Editor
sibomots Developer
sk89q Resources Leader
theresajayne Developer
TnT Moderator
Tzk Website Manager and Editor
Tyrannokapi Editor
Voltasalt Developer
windy Ore Manager and Developer
ZephireNZ Editor
Zirconium Editor and Moderator
zml Developer