Older Versions of SpongeForge


Our versioning policy was updated in October 2018. Prior to SpongeAPI 7.1, the following information applies. See 내려받은 파일의 이름 식별하기 for information on newer versions.

The format of the SpongeForge download filename is: spongeforge-<MCVersion>-<ForgeBuildId>-<SpongeAPIVersion>-BETA-<SpongeBuildId>.jar

MCVersion 마인크래프트 버전을 뜻하며, 해당 버전의 클라이언트만 서버에 접속할 수 있습니다.
ForgeBuild The Forge build that SpongeForge is built against and is guaranteed to be compatible
SpongeAPIVersion The version of SpongeAPI implemented by this file. This is what Sponge plugins depend on.
SpongeBuildId Sponge의 빌드 넘버입니다. 서버와 관련된 버그를 제보하거나 기술적 도움을 받을 때 기억해 둘 필요가 있습니다.

The Forge Build in the filename specifies the version of Forge this version of SpongeForge used during development and testing. The two versions are guaranteed to work without any issues. We tend to use the latest Recommended Build of Forge for this purpose.


Normal Forge mods can usually run on any build of Forge for a given Minecraft version (e.g. 1.12.2) without any problem. However, SpongeForge needs to access, among other things, internal parts of Forge, which most mods shouldn’t be touching, let alone modifying as Sponge does. Since Forge is free to change their internal code whenever they want to, its normal guarantee of backwards-compatibility doesn’t apply to SpongeForge. Feel free to use more recent versions of Forge than the one used for SpongeForge, but we can’t always guarantee compatibility.


When investigating crash issues, you can freely try newer versions of Forge than listed on the SpongeForge Jar. However, it is recommended to also check with the matching version, to make sure your issue is not related to a version mismatch. Even though there will be no guarantee of compatibility, please report any breakage to the issue tracker, so that SpongeForge can be updated.


당신이 SpongeForge의 호환성을 쉽게 확인할 수 있도록 Jar 파일명은 항상 이러한 형식을 따르고 있습니다.

For example, the file name spongeforge-1.12.2-2705-7.1.0-BETA-3442.jar is compatible with Minecraft version 1.12.2, was built with Forge (Build 2705), provides SpongeAPI 7.1.0 and was build number 3442 of SpongeForge.