Deploy Project Version

POST /api/v1/projects/:pluginId/versions/:version

Deploys a new version for the specified project. The body should be sent as multipart/form-data with the fields shown below. Returns a JSON representation of the deployed version.

Название Тип данных Описание
apiKey String An Ore deployment key obtained through the Ore settings.
channel String The channel the version should be in.
recommended Boolean If this version should be set as the recommended version. Defaults to true.
forumPost Boolean Whether a forum post should be created or not. If no value is specified, it will default to the project’s setting. Optional.
changelog String A changelog to include for this version. Optional.
pluginFile File The plugin file to upload.
pluginSig File A signature of the plugin file.

Example curl usage:

curl -F "apiKey=string" -F "apiKey=string" -F "channel=string" -F "recommended=boolean" \
-F "forumPost=boolean" -F "changelog=string" -F pluginFile=@localPluginFile \
-F pluginSig=@localpluginSig

Пример выходных данных:

    "id": 1226,
    "createdAt": "2018-02-08 18:41:36.917",
    "name": "1.1",
    "dependencies": [{
        "pluginId": "spongeapi",
        "version": "7.1.0"
    "pluginId": "auction",
    "channel": {
        "name": "Release",
        "color": "#009600"
    "fileSize": 11441,
    "md5": "d169809b0eda0e5d49bc60d5f69f097b",
    "staffApproved": false,
    "href": "/ewoutvs_/Auction/versions/1.1",
    "tags": [{
        "id": 13,
        "name": "Sponge",
        "data": "7.1.0",
        "backgroundColor": "#F7Cf0D",
        "foregroundColor": "#000000"
    "downloads": 26,
    "author": "ewoutvs_"