Ye Plans o’ Mice and Men

This here Spongy thing, it be showing much promise for future Piratical journeys. She be a right proper solution for both Scylla and Charybdis, bless her, but there be a jolly sight more that might be done by a willing crew and a shortcoming of ethics… Lean in close ye swab, and I shall whisper of the secret prophecies:

  • If Mojang releases an official modding API, we are interested in building SpongeAPI on top of Mojang’s modding API so Sponge plugins will work on both.

  • We been thinking to supply client side-arms that will add to the power o’ the SpongeAPI fleet, doing fancy stuff unheard of by the common land-lubber.

Lean even closer, ye useless barnacles, for there be secrets what we ought not to be pursuing. The knife to yer throat be nothing but a precaution, as I tells ye this:

  • T’aint no way ever as I swear before Davey Jones, we ain’t having fancy handshakes nor sharing moorings with them Bukkit plugins.

  • Ain’t gonna send no Forge mods to no clients neither, ‘cause on account of it being damn risky shipping unsecured armaments.

  • There ain’t gonna be nothing from these yards what be not written in the Java language, ya foul flotsam. If ye wants a new ship made by a different plan, go ply a shipwright with rum and cease yer pestering.