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This page provides the official SpongePowered logo and mascot. The font used in the logo is Montserrat. Feel free to use them to spread the word about Sponge. However, note that these images are not provided under the MIT License, but rather are held under the Creative Commons - Non Commercial, No Derivatives license. Refer to below for a clarification of our desires.


This here be plain speakin’ Pirate English, and we say our license be the best, it burns lovely and bright. Fer those not familiar with Pirate, yarrrr, be away with ye and fetch us more rum ye scurvy lubber.

Ye might, if ye have the fancy:

  • Make minor modifications to Spongie’s facial expressions - such as making a cute smile, making her perplexed or sad, adding a hat, and so on. It should be easily recognizable that the Spongie you create is the Spongie mascot, but wearing a different expression or clothing.

  • Be using Cap’n Spongie or her head on the prow o’ yer vessel, to be terrifying them porpoises and leavin’ Spongie-shaped dents in the vessels ye be ramming.

  • Use the SpongePowered Logo to link to Sponge Homepage (for example in your signature on forums etc.) or other official SpongePowered resources.

  • Use the logos in social buttons.

Ye be not gettin’ away with:

  • Use the mascot as a link to the Sponge project only. The SpongePowered logo (which retains Spongie’s form) is a better representation of the Sponge project when used as an affiliate or reference.

  • Create a vastly modified version of Spongie, where she becomes unrecognizable or clearly different from the original Spongie mascot.

  • Add your project image to Spongie or the logo, nor vice versa.

  • Claim Spongie as your mascot, nor use her as a mascot for your own project.

  • Sell or use Spongie or the logo in commerce without permission.

  • Warping yer vessel into another dimension arrrr. Ye sea-devils, the colours, they be tasty.

Spongie - Ye Sponge Pirate Mascot

Spongie the SpongePowered mascot