Guidelines for Posting Messages to the Mast

Read before Writing, ye Swabs

If ye be three-sheets-to-the-wind and wondering what the hell this Sponge thing be all about, gets a grip on yerself! Cast yer eyes upon the Questioning and Interrogation and rejoice.

If ye asks stupid questions like “Be Sponge a Forge Mod”, “When will the North wind blow” etc., we shall righteously keelhaul ye. Reads the SpongeDocs ye barnacled savages and figger it out.

Afore ye casts yer gibberish upon the innocent eyes o’ the Sponge Forums, be checking that it not be utter balderdash what has already bin said. Search ye, with the map (top right, matey) or rubs the salt from yer eyes and read the Your topic be like... scroll what materialises when ye tries to create one yerself (and it be even clever ‘nuff to be updating as ye writes). So if there be a conversation like what you wants to holler about, then seat yer seafarer’s backside there or be shutting up about it!

Ye be not supposed to talk o’ the other thing. Every time they does, it be like one o’ them arguments in the tavern that only ever ends in chairs bein’ thrown out windows and good ale bein’ wasted. So minds yer P’s and Q’s if ye talks of them “other” APIs, or there be a piece o’ furniture with your name on it just waitin’ to knock on yer salt-wizened ‘ead.

Ye be still here? Go gets a drink ye fool, this be thirsty talk, and gets me one while ye be at it, I’ll take a triple rum. Then laugh at them Sponge resources in the Stories o’ Sponge. Nothin’ to see here me hearties, no Treasure maps. Go away home ye lubbers, throw darts at the Forum Announcements, or to track the progress o’ the good ship Sponge’s, follow them on Twitter or watch Sponge GitHub. If ye are be dangerous-keen to plunder, gaze at the richness of Givin’ to Cap’n Spongie.

Them Forum ‘Guidelines’

Cat-o-Nine-Tails and Yer Post

When creating new topics, use the drop-down menu to the right of the topic title to set its category. Try to make sure this category fits what you’re posting about. If you don’t know what a category implies, a description is next to each one in the drop down.

Get to work now ye lackluster land-lubber and clean the deck! Ye now belongs to cap’n Spongie, arr!