Debugging Sponge


See Plugin Debugging for debugging a plugin and Using the Debugger tips.

These sections provide information for debugging Sponge itself. Whether you need to debug SpongeForge, SpongeVanilla, SpongeCommon, or SpongeAPI, set up your workspace for a SpongeForge or SpongeVanilla implementation. SpongeCommon and SpongeAPI are debugged within the implementation setup.

See The Structure of the Sponge Project for more information.


Be sure to read and understand How to Git(Hub) and Repository Branch Layout as well as the entirety of the Developing Sponge sections before proceeding.

Setup the Workspace

Here are the steps to setup your workspace if you do not have one already:

  1. Clone the implementation.

  2. Make changes to the local repository (e.g. create new branch if you will make changes).

  3. Setup the implementation.

  4. Build the implementation.

  5. Run the implementation.

With these instructions successfully completed, you are ready to import the project into your IDE.


This is an outline of the steps necessary to setup the workspace. See the Sponge GitHub page for complete instructions on cloning, setup, building, and running the implementations.