SpongeVanilla is a vanilla implementation of SpongeAPI as a stand-alone server.


SpongeVanilla is an implementation of SpongeAPI that is created by patching the vanilla Minecraft server. This means it is a stand-alone server, and does not utilize nor require Minecraft Forge or Forge mod loader (FML). SpongeVanilla is being developed in parallel to the Forge version of Sponge, as an alternative platform for users who do not want to run a Forge server. Originally started as an independent project and named Granite, by developers AzureusNation and VoltaSalt, the SpongeVanilla team officially joined the Sponge development team in March 2015.


Review our Versioning and grab your copy of SpongeVanilla here.



If you use (or are planning to use) a game server host, they may have a control panel that can install Sponge for you.


When using the Mojang installer, Mojang makes use of their own Java version and not the one you installed on your system. The installer currently ships with Java 1.8.0_74. Note that Sponge requires at least 1.8.0_20 or above to run properly but it is recommended to use the latest Java 8 version.

SpongeVanilla は専用のサーバーとしてのみ動作します。

  1. SpongeVanilla .jar をSpongeのウェブサイトからダウンロードします。

  2. コマンドラインから java -jar spongevanilla-*******.jar を実行します

  3. 他の人が接続できるように ポート解放 に従いセットアップします。


サーバーをコントロールするためのウィンドウが開かないので .jar ファイルをダブルクリックして起動するのはやめてください!