Rettningslinjer for bidrag

There will always be a need for developers to help us improve SpongeAPI. There is no such thing as a perfect project and things can always be improved. If you are a developer and are interested in helping then please do not hesitate. Just make sure you follow our guidelines.


Developers who show determination and consistency in their contributions to the project may be invited to join the Sponge Staff by Team Leaders, at their discretion. There is no formal application process. Please don’t ask to be staff, we’ll ask you.

Generelle steg

  1. Setup your workspace as described in Å gjøre seg klar til utvikling.

  2. Make sure you’re familiar with Git and GitHub. If your knowledge needs a refresh, take a look here: Hvordan bruke Git(Hub)

  3. Check for existing issues in the SpongeAPI, SpongeCommon and SpongeDocs repositories. There is possibly someone else already working on the same thing. You can also check issues marked with «help wanted» for existing issues we need your help with.


Please don’t submit pull requests for small, non-functional changes such as fixing typos or renaming variable names. Instead, you can:

  1. If the issue requires a bigger change you may want to submit the issues without the necessary changes first, so we can confirm the issue and know that you’re working on fixing it. You should also create a draft pull request or comment with ~wip so we can already start reviewing them.

  2. Forgren prosjektet, klon det og gjør dine endringer i en ny gren.

  3. Test endringene dine (sjekk at det kompilerer!), begå/commit endringen og dytt den til din forgrening.

  4. Send inn PR-en med en kort oppsummering av hva du har endret, samt hvorfor det bør endres på den måten.

  5. Om du gjør andre endringer, dytt nye endringer til din gren. Ikke mos sammen endringene dine, det gjør det ekstremt vanskelig å se hva du har endret sammenlignet med den forrige versjonen av din PR.

  6. Make sure your PR is rebased to the latest changes of the branch you’re intending to merge it into. If you need help rebasing it, just ask!


If you’re unsure which branch you should base your work on, read about our Repository Branch Layout before submitting your PR.