Sponge plugins are identified using a unique plugin ID, and a human-readable plugin name. It is important that you choose a proper name for your project now, because later plugins will interact with your plugin under your chosen plugin ID (e.g. when defining plugin dependencies). The plugin ID is also used for creating the default configuration folders for your plugin.


The plugin ID must be lowercase and start with an alphabetic character. It may only contain alphanumeric characters, dashes or underscores. The plugin name does not have such a limitation and can even contain spaces or special characters. It cannot be longer than 64 characters.

Keep in mind your plugin ID will be the main identification of your plugin, used in other plugins as dependencies, for your configuration files, as well as other properties stored for your plugin. That’s why it is important you always choose a proper plugin ID directly, because changing it again later will be difficult.

Siehe Hauptklasse des Plugins eine Einführung wie du eine Klasse eingerichtest.