Dokumentacja Ore

Our custom built plugin hosting solution provides a unique and convenient way for content creators to share and make accessible plugins that they have created. For developers, Ore offers a centralized location where their users can download, review, and get support on their plugin. For server administrators, Ore offers a level of safety and security previously lacking from many Minecraft communities by offering two-factor authentication on user accounts, and having our staff carefully review each upload.

Ore version 1.0 is now live, but development continues toward a 2.0 release. If you find an issue with Ore that you believe is a bug, please take the time to report it to our issue tracker.

Jeśli potrzebujesz pomocy w użyciu Ore, stwórz nowy temat na naszym Forum Wsparcia `Ore <>

Jeśli chcesz przesłać plugin do Ore, proszę przeczytaj i postępuj zgodnie z wytycznymi poradnika zgłoszeń Ore załączonego poniżej.