Creating a Plugin

This section is intended for developers who wish to develop plugins with SpongeAPI. The articles cover various aspects of SpongeAPI and the concepts behind it. It is important to understand that the intent of this section is to help developers get started with SpongeAPI, not to cover every concept. The Javadocs will be of great help to you once you are comfortable with the API.


If you are familiar with SpongeAPI 7 and need assistance migrating your plugin to SpongeAPI 8 or later, see Migrating from API 7 to API 8.


It is suggested to have prior experience with developing in Java! It is also highly recommended to take code examples from the documentation as purely educational resources, as copying-and-pasting examples from the documentation likely will not work, especially without modification.


The Test Plugin Suite is a collection of fully functional plugins that each demonstrate a specific part of the SpongeAPI. These plugin “recipes” are standalone and are compilable via Gradle or Maven.