Glossario di Sponge

This is a guide to the more common reserved words, phrases and abbreviations used in the Sponge Project. Links are provided in some cases to provide more information. It is not intended to be a guide to SpongeAPI or Java.


I termini sono definiti riferendosi a Minecraft e/o al Progetto Sponge come richiesto.



Interfaccia di Programmazione Applicazioni (ASM) - un modo per semplificare il modding.


Qualcuno che contribuisce al codice dei progetti SpongePowered.


Una CoreMod è una mod di Forge che carica prima che le classi di Mojang vengano caricate, permettendole di modificare il codice nativo di Minecraft attraverso degli Access Trasformer, modifica di classe via ASM, o con un’altra manipolazione del bytecode di Java.


Un sistema di traduzione basato sul web per la documentazione. SpondeDocs lo usa per tradurre i Docs in varie lingue.


Qualcuno che programmi codice(Sponge, Plugins, Mods,…).


Discord is a free voice, video and text chat app, and is used as a chat platform. Like IRC, Provides chat rooms for all things Sponge. Sponge’s Discord server is synced with Sponge’s IRC server.


È verde, commestibile e esplosivo. Lascialo in pace e ti lui ti lascerà in pace.


A long-standing Minecraft modding API, with its own installer. Forge enables mods in single player, LAN, and on dedicated servers.


A free public web-based system for sharing code and creating projects.


A mod or program that enables the use of SpongeAPI in Minecraft.


Internet Relay Chat, used as a chat platform. Provides chat rooms for all things Sponge. Sponge’s IRC server is synced with Sponge’s Discord server.


A way of flagging problems, bugs, improvements, and things-to-do on GitHub and elsewhere. The Sponge project uses GitHub as an Issue Tracker.


Il linguaggio di programmazione chhe Minecraft e spugna vengono scritti e richiedono di eseguire.


Il Mod Coder Pack aiuta gli sviluppatori a creare mod per entrambi i server e client di Minecraft.


Specialized program components that inject Sponge into Minecraft.


A Minecraft modification that changes gameplay somehow. Mods written using the Forge API need Forge to work, but some mods can be installed on their own.


Non-Player Character. Any character not controlled by a player, e.g. a Villager.


The Official Sponge plugin hosting site.


A Service that allows for donations to projects and organizations. If you want to support Sponge, this is the place to look at! Sponge Patreon Donation Page


A Minecraft mod that extends and changes Minecraft via SpongeAPI, usable only on Sponge servers.

Capo progetto

The folks in charge of the entire Sponge Project, responsible for coordinating the activities of the various Teams and sub-projects.

Richiesta di Pull (PR)

A method of submitting contributions to an open development project, such as the Sponge repositories on GitHub.


Il nome dell’intero progetto.


The Minecraft Plugin API developed by the Sponge project.


The authentication panel and SSO solution for all of the Sponge websites.


A repository of code common to the official SpongeAPI implementations, used in building them. SpongeVanilla and SpongeForge use this repository.


L’implementazione di SpongeAPI come un coremod Forge.


Dedicated and frequently updated documentation, the best source of information on Sponge.

Forum di Sponge

Home to the Sponge Project and the second-best source of information on Sponge. Update announcements are posted regularly.

Sponge Foundation

The financial side of the project, a separate entity that accepts, manages and distributes donations.


An implementation of SpongeAPI that runs on Vanilla Minecraft (and not Forge).


La Mascotte di Sponge, una piccola spugna valorosa con un mantello rosso.


Il bot Github di Sponge che effettua delle anteprime dei PR per i Docs.

Team Leaders

The people who direct the Teams (WebDev, Docs, SysOps, subreddit, IRC).